The Challenge

The Jewish community in America has benefited from largely unfettered access to the bounties of pluralism that is at the core of American democracy, history, society, and culture. And like so many Americans in the 21st century, Jews are grappling with the universal challenges of change, and striving to enhance their particular historical instincts for creativity, innovation, and agility. Pressing questions revolve around the meanings of Jewish identity and Jewish “peoplehood,” the role of formal and informal communal organizations, ties to Israel’s people and politics, and the future of “Jewish literacy.”  

The Impact

In an effort to tackle these challenges, the Mayberg Foundation announced the creation of the Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership at The George Washington University. The Mayberg Center will advance Jewish education and Jewish communal life through catalyzing research and community-based scholarship in a variety of ways including:

  • Convening academics and practitioners to engage in critical conversations

  • Providing graduate level training for Jewish educators and certificate program opportunities for Jewish communal professionals; and

  • Enhancing and supporting the work of those currently in the field.

Through these different avenues, the Mayberg Center will play a unique and special role in advancing the health and sustainability of American Jewish life for today and tomorrow. 

GW’s Mayberg Center offers professional development both for Jewish educators and nonprofit professionals working in the Jewish community.

Students can now earn a Master’s In Curriculum & Instruction with a Concentration in Jewish Education from the George Washington University under the leadership of Dr. Erica Brown, director of GW’s Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership.

Learn more about the Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership.


The Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership at The George Washington University held their opening event on March 15, 2017.