The Challenge
How can we connect and protect Jewish people across the globe and heighten Jewish pride through a singular, time-honored mitzvah that is a sacred part of our heritage?

The Impact
MyZuzah partners with Jewish outreach groups to bring this essential ritualistic object to under-engaged and under-affiliated Jews so that every Jewish home -- regardless of location or affiliation -- can have a proper mezauah affixed to its door. MyZuzah's partnerships ensure that the manufacturing of mezuzot distributed through the program are consistent with fair trade practices and that transparency is at the core of the production process. 

What's Next?
In collaboration with Jewish outreach and engagement programs in three countries, MyZuzah is expanding its reach in its aspirational goal to put a mezuzah on the front door of every Jewish home in the world.  MyZuzah is enthusiastic about its collaboration with AEPi, Project Inspire, Jewish Women's Renaissance Project and others across the globe.

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