We See Contributions as Investments.

Our approach to grantmaking is to treat our contributions as investments. We look for opportunities that are connected to our values, our vision, and our mission. We don’t merely write checks and ask for a report. Rather, we will often invest in our grantees beyond the financial support – giving of our Trustees’ and staff members’ talent, skills and wisdom. We call this giving with our head, heart, and hands.

  • Strategic Support
    Our trustees and staff have been working in the philanthropic world for decades. We understand organizations and their structures - and we're not stuck on doing things the way they've "always been done." We facilitate strategic discussions and explore new ways of operating in order to maximize support.

  • Driving Success
    As appropriate, we provide technical support to our grantees to help them improve their operations. We often advise and assist in various areas of nonprofit management and fundraising, helping organizations operate more effectively and raise more money.

  • Measuring Results
    We appreciate the value of data - both qualitative and quantitative. Data-driven decision-making forces us to define success as we assess our own impact, holding ourselves accountable to the same standards we have for our grantees. When it comes to stewarding the resources we invest in nonprofits, there are three stages that we look at to understanding whether an organization is set up for success:

       - Clarity of desired outcomes
       - Theory of change
       - Program and execution outputs

Want to know more about our grantmaking process?

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