Since the founding of the Mayberg Foundation, we are proud of the impact we have made on the Jewish community at home and in Israel. Here are just a few of our impact stories.


Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project

The Challenge
If you wanted to have the greatest influence on the direction of the Jewish people, whom should you target? The Jewish mother, that’s who. In 2008, Manette Mayberg and several other Jewish women from different walks of life, affiliations, observance, and ages began a powerful dialogue. They agreed that it was time to empower and inspire women with the rich beauty of their Jewish heritage, and the JWRP was born.

The Impact
JWRP’s flagship program is Momentum, an eight-day journey through Israel. Momentum is more than a tour of Israel; it is an opportunity to deeply explore ourselves. Thousands of women from 21 different countries have already experienced this life-changing trip, paying only their own airfare, and returning home with the best gift of all—a deep, eternal connection to Israel, a profound kinship with each other, and a heart filled with Jewish values.

What's Next?
Thousands of women and hundreds of men have already experienced the spirit-building power of Momentum and it is our goal to make the opportunity available to thousands more. JWRP is honored to have The Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs as their newest partner, expanding the reach to even more organizations in more countries. With their help, this project is quickly turning into a movement!

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Jewish Education Innovation Challenge

The Challenge
A Jewish day school education has the potential to build up a life long love of Jewish life and learning in their students and to instill Jewish values and traditions. Jewish education has unfortunately fallen short in their mission to graduate all students with high Jewish self esteem and aspirations. Day schools are tasked with ensuring future generations of vibrant and secure Jewish life and leadership and yet we see that too many are leaving the system uninspired and turned off to their Judaism. Jewish education innovation must challenge the status quo and reinvigorate Jewish education by relying on Jewish wisdom rather than mimicking the divergent approach of Western education.  

The Impact
JEIC was created to seek out solutions that work. JEIC evaluates proposals submitted by educators. JEIC funds innovative ideas so that they can be implemented in an existing middle or high school and thoroughly evaluated. JEIC has seen results from teachers and students by supporting thoughtful experimentation. Additionally, JEIC has gathered the greatest minds in Jewish education at its annual Innovators Retreat with the goal of designing an inspired Jewish future.

What's Next?
With the success of the JEIC Day School Educators’ Challenge, HaKaveret: JEIC Team Challenge is a new initiative. HaKaveret seeks to identify an innovation design team of highly talented and motivated individuals for a facilitated, year-long creative process to develop multiple innovative and engaging models for delivering Judaic education in Jewish day schools that will then be piloted in North American schools. Funded jointly by Mayberg Foundation, Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah, and Arnee R. and Walter A. Winshall and operated by Joshua Venture Group, HaKaveret is designed to create and foster innovative, inspiring, authentic, and substantive engagement in Torah education in our Jewish day schools. 

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The Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership

The Jewish community in America has benefited from largely unfettered access to the bounties of pluralism that is at the core of American democracy, history, society, and culture. And like so many Americans in the 21st century, Jews are grappling with the universal challenges of change, and striving to enhance their particular historical instincts for creativity, innovation, and agility. Pressing questions revolve around the meanings of Jewish identity and Jewish “peoplehood,” the role of formal and informal communal organizations, ties to Israel’s people and politics, and the future of “Jewish literacy.”  

In an effort to tackle these challenges, the Mayberg Foundation recently announced the creation of the Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership at The George Washington University. The Mayberg Center will advance Jewish education and Jewish communal life through catalyzing research and community-based scholarship in a variety of ways including:

  • Convening academics and practitioners to engage in critical conversations
  • Providing graduate level training for Jewish educators and certificate program opportunities for Jewish communal professionals; and
  • Enhancing and supporting the work of those currently in the field.

Through these different avenues, the Mayberg Center will play a unique and special role in advancing the health and sustainability of American Jewish life for today and tomorrow. 

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